Spare parts for cooling towers

DFI offers DFPack: filling material, drift eliminators, air intake and air deflectors for cooling towers of any brand. DFPack is constituted by shaped sheets structured in blocks, able to achieve a high contact surface of the water / air. Parcels exchange: DFPack 13 is suitable for applications where the volume of cooling towers should be minimized as in air conditioning; DFPack 20 is ideal for industrial applications with increased risk of fouling; DFPack 27 is recommended in the most extreme conditions. All packages are available in two versions: standard (max 60 ° C) or high temperature (max. 75 ° C). The drift eliminators are designed for cooling towers induced flow. Starting from pre-printed sheets, you get a product in manageable chunks for easy insertion / removal in the cooling tower for maintenance or inspection of water dispensers. Drift Eliminators: DK 130 is the standard model, designed for minimal pressure drop; TLK 140 is instead the model designed for maximum separation efficiency. Wind deflector: ST65 performs four main functions: vehicular and optimize the flow of incoming air, prevent aspiration of objects from the environment (leaves, etc.), eliminate the leakage of water splashing from the catchment area and finally, keep the pelvis in the dark to prevent the growth and proliferation of algae or other microorganisms. We can offer the service on site and the revamping of the tower.