Brazed plate heat exchangers

GEA brazed plate heat exchangers attacks from ½ ” to 4″ (DN100) threaded, solder, flanged for all applications. They are available with plates made ​​of AISI 316 or 254 SMO single or double wall brazed copper or nickel alloy. Gea offers a wide range of brazed plate heat exchangers to meet all customer needs: GBS Series (30 bar ±200 °C) for heating / water systems, underfloor heating, condensers, economizers, evaporators, oil coolers and many other industrial applications; GBH Series (45 bar at 150 ° C and 40 bar at 200 ° C) for heating in heat pump, chillers and evaporators for air conditioning systems, process cooling, evaporators, sub -coolers and condensers, applications for high pressure and other types of exchange -liquid refrigerant; NP Series (nickel brazing alloy) forapplications to the coolant liquid and liquid- ammonia systems, applications, pure water or deionized water, corrosive liquids; XCR Series (SMO 254) for longer life due to the high quality of stainless steel, corrosion resistant high exerted by chlorine; GML Series (heat exchangers for CO ₂) for technology of heat exchangers brazed plate for CO ₂ allow the use of plate heat exchangers brazed in a greater number of applications; DW Series (Double wall) allows for greater security within a system and prevent problems that are created as a result of mixing of two fluids.